No Plastics.
No Toxins.

Plastic-Free Streetwear

Our Mission

The Phoenix Brand is an artistically driven material science company breaking down old ways and defining the next generation of apparel, aimed at eliminating the plastic and toxic chemical pollution plaguing the garment industry.

The Phoenix Brand
Plastic and toxin free materials

The textile industry has become one of the leading contributors to environmental pollution. We are committed to only using natural, plant-based fibers and we never use toxic chemicals in our production. We prioritize the health of the planet and people.

The Phoenix Brand
Artist Collabs

We believe art brings meaning to life and inspires people to do great things. For this reason, we have chosen to dedicate our brand to supporting creators. Their incredible stories of passion, dedication, failure and triumph need to be shared with the world, and we have created a platform to tell these inspiring stories through the garments we make.