El Rancho Capsule: Sedge freeman


A hot spot in the 40’s, the El Rancho Hotel embodies the Americana and was salvation for those who found themselves high rolling on the Vegas strip. The artwork on these patches symbolizes the intersection of the old world with modern culture and practices. 


Sedge Freeman, founder of all intertwined patchworks, on his journey to creating his patches:

"Having worked on organic vegetable farms, I was aware of cotton's notorious reputation as one of the world’s most pesticide intensive crops.  With the enthusiasm for organic foods having spread to fabrics, household linens and even mattresses, cotton balls and personal care items, I figured finding an organic patch online would be no problem.  The search engines came up blank.  I thought if I bought some organic thread, I could have the local embroidery shop sew me up some patches and pawn extras off on a few like-minded friends.  Much to my surprise there was only one organic thread on the market and it only came in one color – a natural white."