The movement
has begun.

We are building the next generation of apparel centered around no earthly impact, giving you the chance to do right by the planet in the present while joining the movement to transform the apparel industry for the future.

Change to transform the planet.

Phoenix rises to the challenge to make a permanent change in the apparel industry. We’ve set out to break down old ways and define a new world where fabrics are reused or biodegradable, toxic chemicals aren’t used ever, and manufacturing is safe and fair. 

People will never forget how you made them feel.

Anyone who has ever made a radical change knows you can’t go at it alone. We collaborate with artists who are bold, and have talents and passions that need to be shared with the world. Our platform is a place to discover emerging talent. We raise these voices and align them. Together, we will further ignite the movement for a better planet.

Statement garments based in science.

Established in the heart of New York City, our clothing is inspired from music, art, and culture of the city’s streets. It tells the stories of our planet and our people; of heritage, diversity, equality and environmental needs.  

But our approach is also scientific and our methods are empirical. We are constantly living in a cycle of experimentation and discovery with our materials and processes.  Scientific innovation has opened up a new frontier of fabric. We are experimenting with new solutions that either diversify our dependency on resource intensive crops and fossil fuels, or better still, do not take resources from the planet at all (goal: carbon positive). We partner with these innovators to be the commercializing force behind the next generation of material technology.


Your clothing is your statement.

We’re using it to stand for big ideas.