'From Scratch' Limited Quantity Collaboration

'From Scratch' Capsule (LIMITED QUANTITY)

Featured Artist Collaborator
Nic D.

Nic Donovan or Nic D, is an artist on the rise, with almost a million TikTok followers, 92,000 on Instagram and over a million monthly Spotify listeners. A husband, father, musician, photographer, and cinematographer. As an independent artist with no support of a major record label, his recent momentum and gain in notoriety is entirely attributed to his perseverance, hard work, and raw talent.

Nic classifies his music as genre-less. His tracks blend a variety of styles together, including singer-songwriter, rap, and hip-hop. Like The Phoenix Brand, everything that Nic creates has both passion and purpose behind it. He had a heavy hand in designing the 'From Scratch' capsule, which portrays Nic’s personal philosophies and his laid back, authentic style.