Blank canvas series: Eunsan Huh

100% Organic Cotton Mixed Media Crewneck Pullover
Eunsan's Art Applied

Eunsan's name badge artwork is embroidered on the front right chest. The Korean writing translates to 'Phoenix' or more literally, 'undying bird'.

Eunsan's tiger artwork applied as a print on the back of the crewneck, visualizes the Korean storytelling version of 'once upon a time'. Korean folk stories often start with 'Long, long ago when the tiger smoked a pipe'.


Writer and illustrator Eunsan Huh explores the visual expression of the Korean language and the impact of images on language learning and the speakers personal development. Her design project, My Korean Childhood, explores the semantics of the Korean language in a visual, iconographic way, with the goal of sharing the beauty and imagination behind how the language is constructed.

Eunsan is based in New York, but having been born in Korea and raised in Canada, she has always lived in a multilingual environment, and appreciated the specific qualities of other languages. Check out her TED Talk on learning Icelandic, another language she is passionate about, through breaking words down into smaller components. Eunsan is also the Author of Iceland in Icons - A Pictographic Travel Guide.