Our promise is simple, we only use the most ecological materials that don’t expose our bodies, the planet or vulnerable communities to harmful plastics and chemicals.

The Phoenix Brand
Ambassador Program

Overview: TPB is looking for ambassadors who align with our values to help promote our version of sustainability (removing plastics and toxins from apparel production) and our products.  We are looking for partners with engaging and authentic voices, who share our passion for apparel and the planet.

Terms: TPB will send you free apparel on a monthly/quarterly basis to promote on your channels. Ambassadors will receive a percentage of sales that they generate through their posts.

Sales Tracking: In order to track sales associated with your unique content, we ask that you sign up for Share-A-Sale as an affiliate and then apply to our ambassador program through this link.  Please shoot us a DM once you have applied, and once selected we will coordinate with you to send you your apparel to start promoting!

For additional question, please contact us at hello@thephoenixbrand.com.